Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 2022: Now daughters will get Rs 50000 assistance


Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 2022

The foundation of Rajshri Yojana (Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 2022) in Rajasthan was laid in the budget session of 2016-2017. Every year, the scheme has been improved by removing whatever shortcomings were there in this scheme. Crores of families of Rajasthan are getting direct benefit from this Rajshree scheme. Through the scheme of the government, the government gives an assistance amount of 50 thousand rupees to the girl child in 6 installments, which is given through different installments from her birth to class 12th. A special rule in this scheme of the government is that the remaining 4 installments are given to the daughters who take the first and second installments of this scheme. Has been done.

Eligibility in Chief Minister Rajshree Yojana

  1. Such girls who will be born on or after 1st June 2016.
  2. All the benefits will be payable only through “Rajasthan Jan-Aadhaar card”.
  3. The benefit of the third and subsequent installments will be limited to a maximum of two surviving children in a family, that is, in addition to the first two installments, the benefit of other installments will be payable only to those girls whose number of surviving children in the family will not exceed two. For this it will be mandatory for parents to submit/upload self-declaration as per the prescribed procedure.
  4. If a girl child of such parent dies, who has been given the benefit of one or two installments, then the number of dead girl child out of the total surviving children of such parent will be reduced and if such parent has one girl child And if she takes birth then she will be eligible for the benefit. The benefit of the third and subsequent installments will be limited to a maximum of two surviving children.
  5. The third installment (on the girl child taking admission in class I in a government school) will be payable only when she has received the benefit of the first and second installments.
  6. Such girls will be eligible for the benefit, who is / has been studying in the institutions run by the state government at each stage (class 1, 6, 10, and 12).

Rajshree Planning Process

  1. In order to get the amount due on the third installment i.e. the girl child taking admission in the first class, the mother of the girl, in the absence of the mother, by the father or guardian, at the time of school admission in the prescribed format, the copy of the mother child card should also be uploaded and the copy of the self-declaration related to two children should also be uploaded. Will be
  2. Under the scheme, at the time of admission in the fourth, fifth and sixth installments i.e. class 6 and 10 and on passing class 12, the concerned government school will receive the application in the prescribed format from the mother, father or guardian of the girl child if she is not a mother.

Chief Minister Rajshree Yojana 2022 Accountability

For Heads of Institutions of Government Schools (Rapravi / Raupravi / Ramavi / Raumavi)

  1. A skilled teacher will be made the scheme in-charge for this scheme by the head of all government schools. Information about the third and subsequent installments will be made available to the girls by the schools.
  2. At the time of admission in class I, 6, 10 and passing in class 12 in a government school, the mother of the eligible girl child of the scheme will have to apply in the prescribed format by the father or guardian if the mother is not there. PCTS card (PCTS ID), two children related self-declaration, Jan Aadhar card copy etc. will also be received at the time of application, options will be made available on Shala Darpan portal for PCTS ID search.
  3. For the benefit of the scheme, by entering all the application forms online through the option provided on the Shala Darpan portal, the necessary documents will also be uploaded on the Shala Darpan portal along with the application of each installment, along with an application ID. will be generated.
  4. The facility of updating and deleting the application will be available before the final submission of the application by the head of the institution. During the final submission process itself, a certificate regarding the correctness of all the information to the head of the institution will also be taken online.
  5. Primary and upper primary schools will be forwarded by the institution heads to the concerned PEEO/UCEEO and the applications of secondary and higher secondary schools directly to the District Education Officer (Headquarters) Elementary Education by locking them through OTP.

PEEO / UCEEO for head of state schools

  1. All the applications of the subordinate primary schools received on the Shala Darpan portal login by the schools to PEEO / UCEEO will be checked thoroughly and the eligibility for the scheme will be checked from the uploaded documents.
  2. After examining the applications received, the District Education Officer (HQ) will lock the elementary education and forward it through OTP.
  3. Ineligible applications will be returned back with objection. After completing the necessary from the school level, they can be forwarded again in the prescribed time period according to the process.

Benefits payable under Chief Minister Rajshree Yojana

Under the scheme, the maximum amount of Rs 50,000 will be paid to the parents/guardians of each beneficiary as follows.

  1. An amount of 2,500 will be payable to the mother of a girl child born out of delivery in private hospital institutions authorized for institutional delivery by the state and medical and health departments of the state.
  2. 2.500 amount will be payable in the name of the girl child on completion of one year of the girl child.
  3. An amount of Rs 4,000 will be payable in the name of the girl child on taking admission in the first class in any government school of the girl child.
  4. An amount of Rs 5,000 will be payable in the name of the girl child for taking admission in class 6 in any government school of the girl child.
  5. An amount of Rs 11,000 will be payable in the name of the girl child if she takes admission in class 10 in any government school of the girl child.
  6. An amount of Rs 25,000 will be payable on the girl child passing 12th standard from any government school.

Objective of CM Rajshree Yojana

The main objective of Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana is to develop positive thinking towards the girl child in the society. To provide equal rights to the girl child in the society. To ensure holistic development of the girl child. Apart from this, through this scheme, to prevent link discrimination in the matter of upbringing, education and health of the girl child and better education and health of the girl child will also be ensured. Apart from this, through this scheme, the girl child mortality rate will come down and the sex ratio will improve. Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana will also ensure enrollment and stay in girl’s schools, this scheme will prove to be effective in reducing maternal mortality rate by promoting institutional migration.

Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 2022 Important Documents

  • Aadhar card of parents
  • parent’s bhamashah card
  • Aadhar card of girl child
  • birth certificate of girl child
  • Maternal Child Health Card or Mamta Card
  • school admission certificate
  • Self declaration letter related to two children
  • mobile number
  • E mail ID
  • passport size photograph etc.

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